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Expert Tree Removal for Harrison Properties

At ABC Tree Service in Harrison, we have the expertise and equipment necessary to remove your dangerous or fallen trees without damaging the surrounding landscaping or hardscaping. We use pruning, bracing, cranes, a stump grinder and other machinery to support limbs, cut sections and eliminate hazardous conditions so you can enjoy a safe, beautiful landscape again. Our service begins with an initial evaluation with one of our certified arborists, during which we discuss your options for tree removal, stump removal and stump grinding. Our skilled team, including another certified arborist, will then extract the limbs, trunk and stump, taking care to preserve the surrounding plants and structures, even during root removal. Many clients also utilize our stump grinding service to prevent insect infestations and unsightly dead wood after removal.ABC Tree Service was founded in 1975. Mr. Bill Floyd of Hixson purchased the company in 1980 and operated it until his passing in 1997. He built it into Chattanooga's largest and most respected tree care (Tree & Stump Removal) company by offering quality service at a competitive price. Mr. Floyd's family continued to successfully operate ABC Tree Service with qualified arborists until they decided to sell the company in 2006. Since then, ABC Tree Service has been the passion of its two owners, Milan Melton and David Yost. We are strongly committed to offering the best tree care in the area, and we believe that we have a team of arborists that are unequaled in the area to meet that goal. Indeed, we are the only tree service in the area to keep a certified arborist on-site at all of our work.
Tree removal for Harrison properties.

We Offer Professional Stump Grinding and Removal

Knowing whether or not to seek tree removal can be a complicated decision. Some plants, though healthy, pose a risk to surrounding structures and the people living and working within. Other specimens may have underlying health issues, such as root rot, that can lead to premature plant death or collapse. The most accurate way to assess the health of your tree is to seek the advice of a certified arborist who will apply a thorough understanding of both the art and science of tree health and medicine. Schedule an evaluation today if you notice any of these warning signs:
  • Leaning trunk
  • Split bark
  • Exposed roots
  • Hollow trunk
  • Large dead branches

Call Today for More Information

Our staff can utilize techniques such as tree cabling to stabilize your specimen and will discuss your options for removal if the plant cannot be preserved. Give our team a call today to schedule a consultation or for more information. Our staff can be reached at 423-344-8732 for services throughout Harrison.