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We Provide Emergency Tree Service in and Around Harrison

Nature can be unpredictable, sending ice, flooding and strong winds when you least expect them. That’s why at ABC Tree Service, we offer emergency tree service throughout Harrison. Often when major storms strike, trees and limbs are left scattered across driveways and landscapes and may even threaten structures or power lines. Our 24-hour tree removal service is designed to restore your home, property and landscape to safety quickly and efficiently. Combining the expertise of several certified arborists with the necessary machinery and tools, we perform emergency tree removal and pruning when you need it and are here to help you deal with any hazardous conditions you may be facing due to a fallen tree.
emergency tree services

Removal of Storm-Damaged Branches

Storms are not the only cause of downed or dangerous trees. Sometimes a specimen will begin to lean or collapse without much advanced warning or without an obvious trigger. Oftentimes, these plants are found to have issues with the root system, such as:
  • Shallow roots
  • Root rot
  • Damage caused by nearby construction
Undesirable soil conditions can also lead to downed trees. Soil that remains flooded or saturated does not provide the necessary stability for the plant to remain upright. Heavy clay soils may not allow a strong enough root system to grow and offer support to the portion of the plant above the ground. The wind can certainly lead to a partial or full plant loss, and without proper lightning protection, tall specimens are in danger of being struck during major storms.

Call Night or Day for Fast Service

If you are facing the unexpected loss of a large tree, major damage to an old specimen or a tree blocking your driveway, we can help with 24-hour tree service. Give our Harrison team a call, night or day, at 423-344-8732 and let us restore safety to your home and landscape.