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Reliable Cabling and Bracing for Trees in Harrison

At ABC Tree Service in Harrison, we understand that your trees increase both your property value and the beauty of your yard or landscape. That’s why we offer tree bracing as an alternative to removal in cases where a healthy plant needs a little extra structural support. A great deal of strain is put on the tree as limbs pull away from one another. Over time, cracks will develop at the joint and ultimately lead to a fallen or irreparable plant. Additionally, storms can damage or weaken the configuration of main branches, lending the need for expert tree support in order to save the life of large shade trees or historic specimens.
tree cabling and bracing

Helping Support Trunks & Branches During Storms

With proper techniques, cables and metal rods can be used to brace limbs, trunks and necessary branches in order to allow many years of shade and growth from an otherwise compromised tree. Cabling can help branches support the weight of ice in the winter and withstand gusty winds throughout the year without splitting. Strong ropes made of materials that are specifically designed to absorb shock and force are attached loosely and prevent branches from overextending due to weight or wind while still allowing healthy plant growth. Metal braces inserted into weak joints help the plant withstand the forces of gravity as well as the twisting that occurs during a wind storm.

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Whether you need emergency tree care or would like more information about how to save your favorite old tree, give us a call at 423-344-8732. Our certified arborist would love to visit your Harrison property to discuss all your options.